Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nashua River Rail Trail & Fruitlands Museum

On this beautiful summer morning, Mrs. Trashpaddler and I pedalled our bikes from Ayer to East Pepperell and back on the Nashua River Rail Trail.  Conditions were perfect.  On our way home, we decided to stop in at Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Massachusetts.  Having heard that the war-club purported to have belonged to Metacomet (aka King Philip) was on display, we took a look at it in their Native American Gallery.  The club was impressive.  However, I was most impressed by a diorama of a Nipmuc village and a related audio presentation.  The audio narration addressed the aspects of life depicted in the diorama but then listeners were asked to imagine the aspects of life not depicted...  an interesting approach.

Outside on the lawn was a mishoon or dugout canoe.  I'm wondering how it would do in a race with no portages such as next year's Blackburn Challenge...

We found a fair amount of trash lying by the side of the rail trail today.  Total count was 31 and they are pictured here...

The breakdown: 18 recyclable containers (4 redeemable) and 13 pieces of miscellaneous rubbish such as styrofoam, plastic bags, and a can of "OFF".  YTD total stands at 4033.

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