Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blackburn Challenge Salty Stew

Here it is “high summer” and I’m getting a hankerin’ for some Blackburn Challenge Salty Stew.  In fact, this upcoming weekend, those venturing to Cape Ann, Massachusetts should find all of the ingredients at their peak of ripeness.  With that in mind I’ll share my recipe for cookin’ up this mess.

The first thing you’re gonna need is a big ole pot or, better yet, a great big vat. Next, get yourself a paddle, or perhaps an oar, for stirring. In addition to these items, you’ll need a heat source such as a fire, or, if using the Native American method, some good-sized “boiling rocks”: Twelvefoot, Bass, Brace, Normans Woe, Black Bess, and Tablet (any or all will do). These rocks will need to be gingerly added to the pot after having been heated in the fire.

To get started, fill the pot with some Annisquam salt water and rockweed. Throw in a small cape. Cape Hedge will do.  Now add the following coves: Goose, Lobster, Hodgkins, Plum, Lanes, Folly, Hoop Pole, Gap, Whale, Loblolly, Brace, Lighthouse, Old House, and Freshwater. 

Using your paddle or oar, stir the pot while adding some heads: Biskie, Gap, and Stage followed by some points: Stanwood, Thurston, Wheeler, Babson, Wigwam, Folly, Halibut, Andrews, Gully, Flat, Emerson, Eastern, and Mussel.

Next grab hold of some necks and toss them in: Davis, Brier, Dolliver, and Rocky.

At this point things will be coming to a boil. Now add a few islands: Straitsmouth, Thachers, Milk, Salt, and Tenpound.  It’s important that they be added in this exact order.

Let all of this boil for 3 to 5 hours and then let simmer. If it starts to boil over the top, cool it with a little Good Harbor water or Cape Pond Ice.

And don’t forget the two most important ingredients. Remember to stand back, before throwing in a Dog Bar Breakwater and a Greasy Pole!!

Lastly, allow this concoction to cool to taste and wash it down with an Ipswich Ale on tap. See you on Pavilion!!!

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