Sunday, February 8, 2015

Plotting My Escape

As I sit here writing this post the temperature outside is 16 degrees Farenheit, it's snowing again, and my lower back is killin' me.  Old Man Winter has me pinned to the mat and, though I've already tapped-out several times, I'm about to lose consciousness.  With my few remaining seconds I plot my escape.

At the right moment I see myself breaking out, dragging the boat from hibernation, using its painter to pull it over the snow, and struggling to get it atop my car's roof.  Then I'm driving due south in search of open water and temperatures above 32 degrees.  I'll be saying "so long" to Massachusetts and entering the neighboring Ocean State where snow banks will hopefully shrink by the mile.  When I get to where driving south is no longer possible, there'll be refuge in the form of open water.  I'll rejoice!