Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sudbury River - Kellogg St. to Saxonville & Back

Taking advantage of today's rapidly warming temperatures and good amount of sunshine I decided to trash patrol a section of the Sudbury River I'd never been on before. The launch site at Kellogg Street turned out to be a good one and once on the river, I headed downstream with my objective being to reach the Saxonville Dam. Fall foliage was near peak and trash was plentiful, especially the stretch between Kellogg St. and Fenwick St. Dam. Lots of plastic and styrofoam.
Reaching the low dam at Fenwick Street, I landed upstream and scouted the portage options. River right was very easy and a very short distance. Between Fenwick St. and Saxonville, I encountered a hawk, wood ducks, mallards, Canada geese with a possible snow goose hanging with them, a pair of mute swans, a blue heron, and a cormorant.
Arriving a Saxonville, I saw the area for the first time from an upstream perspective...

After turning around, I found a spot to land and shed the jacket that was no longer required. On the trip back, I surprised a large snapping turtle who moved rather fast, for a turtle, in getting to water deep enough to submerge. Had I been a hunter with a spear, turtle soup would be on the menu tonight.
Arriving at my takeout location, my ship's hold was fairly full and the day's catch disgorged itself onto the ground...

The count for the day was 103 pieces of trash. Of these, 73 were recyclable (22 redeemable) and 30 were misc. rubbish such as plastic, styrofoam, and a small cooler.
My YTD total stands at 4354.
Additional photos can be seen at this link.

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