Thursday, October 1, 2009

Assabet River Artifacts

Hand-worked stones? Today, when showing these two items to my Dad, he contacted a fellow member of the Sudbury Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8771 who is knowlegeable in such matters. Royce Kahler is a member of the Massachusetts Archaeological Society and agreed to drop by and examine the items. After examining them, he said both were pieces of slate and both were, in his opinion, hand-worked. The larger item may have been used for scraping animal hides or perhaps as a cutting tool. The small smooth and rounded coin-like object was highly polished. Use unknown.
Both items were found this past Tuesday under overhanging sections of riverbank that had been eroded from beneath. Both were found in the bottom mile of the Assabet River between Spencer Brook and Egg Rock not far from where a Native American village was located at the base of Nashawtuc Hill.
Thanks to these two US Navy Fletcher Class Destroyer veterans my quest has been fulfilled for now. For a brief while after, WW II memories of DD-642 (USS Hale) and DD-651(USS Cogswell) were shared as well as talk of a dugout canoe that lies on the bottom of the Sudbury River. Royce served on the Hale and my Dad on the Cogswell. Thanks guys, I greatly appreciate your help!

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