Monday, November 23, 2009

Sad News Concerning the Moose on the Loose

As many of you may have heard via recent news reports, a car collided with a moose on Route 3 in Billerica, near where it crosses over the Concord River, early yesterday morning. The woman driving the car survived with minor injuries however the moose was killed and the car looks to be totaled.
Chris commented that he noted similarities in news photographs of the dead moose and those posted here on October 11th. The news photographs he found can be seen here.
I agree with his conclusion that it, most likely, is the same moose encountered 6 weeks ago in Concord. It amazes me that a moose wandered about the area for more than a month yet apparently was seen by relatively few people. Here is a photo of the young fellow in better days...

Note that the photo can be enlarged in two stages. Click one time for stage one and then click again for stage two.

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