Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Heard Pond - Brief Terrestrial Patrol

I've never had a reason to drive down Pelham Island Road, until today, when curiosity to see Heard Pond got the better of me. Soon, I was driving along the pond's north shore until noticing a promontory that promised a good vantage point. Conveniently, just across the road was a Great Meadows Refuge trailhead and parking spot. I walked the short distance to the promontory and enjoyed a commanding view of the pond. Early European settlers noted that large numbers of Native Americans gathered each spring along the pond's shore to hunt the abundant migrating birds. The trail allowed me to descend to the water's edge where there is a nice bench. I noticed that someone had secured a trash bag to one of the bench legs possibly to provide litterbugs with a better option. While there was some trash in the bag, sadly there were coffee cups, beer cans, bait tubs and plastic bags on the ground. By the time I left the area 14 pieces of trash were getting a ride in my trunk. Here they are at the divvying-up spot...

The small haul consisted of 7 recyclables (5 redeemable) and 7 misc. rubbish such as coffee cups candy wrappers, plastic bags etc. My YTD total stands at 4623.

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