Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sudbury River - S. Bridge to Lee's Bridge and Back

Driving north from Framingham this morning, following my early morning stint at work, I could see nothing but blue skies ahead as the earlier cloud cover retreated to the south. Shortly thereafter my kayak and I were heading upstream on the Sudbury River and the clouds can be seen in the distance. Not too far from where I launched at the South Bridge (Rt. 62), I came upon this tree bearing a rather large beaver notch. Looks as if the beaver is enjoying this tree and wants to prolong his dining experience...

Trash was spotty at first and most of it was stuff that only recently emerged as water levels dropped. I reached Heath's Bridge with a baker's dozen but after 3 short forays ashore, on either side of Heath's Bridge, my count had soared to 76. This year's shore-fishing season is well underway and it appears the group that fishes at this location prefers to throw their trash at their feet.
Once underway again, I was surprised to find 3 pieces of trash at Martha's Point. Usually this area is spotless.
A little after high noon, I reached Fairhaven Bay was it was all mine for the taking...

Passed across the bay with a nice breeze at my back and before I knew it, I was landing my boat at Lee's Bridge. This made a nice spot to have everyone disembark for a group photo...

Then, once they were all stowed and comfy again, I began the trip back downriver.
Picked up another 3 bait tubs and the cover to someone's catalytic converter on the way back.
Wildlife observed today were red-tailed hawks, red-winged blackbirds, tree swallows, cardinals, a kingbird, mallards, and two large snapping turtles swimming just below the surface.
My trash count for the day was 86. Of these 21 were recyclable (9 redeemable) and 65 were misc. rubbish consisting of plastic bags, styrofoam bait tubs, and several wads of monofilament fishing line. My YTD total stands at 2163.

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