Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another Raid on Ram Island

Back in early May I landed on Ram Island in the Merrimack River and encountered more plastic trash than I could fit in my boat.  I've been planning to get back ever since.  Today, thanks to my workday ending nearby and a favorable tide, I launched at Cashman Park in Newburyport.  Ram Island is not far from where I launched and is about 3.5 miles above the spot where the Merrimack meets the Atlantic Ocean.  It seems to be a magnet for plastic flotsam.  After landing on Ram (opening photo) I began collecting as much of the plastic trash as I could fit into or upon my boat...
There were 106 plastic containers and 125 pieces of miscellaneous rubbish which included another 67 Hooksett disks (1374 disks recovered to date).  YTD = 2946

After re-launching, I explored Town Creek where I found a bit of refuge from today's gusty northwest winds.  A squadron of turkey vultures patrolled the skies east of the creek and a lone osprey was seen as well.

Upon returning home, Mrs. Trashpaddler showed me this haul of plastic trash she recovered during a morning walk along local roads...

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BERNIE said...

Me thinks ye landed upon Treasure Island. Many a trashy treasure did you recover. Shiver me timbers the hatches must have been bulging. None since the Pequod have sought such large amount of prey. Such a noble ventures she and her captain have sailed, sighting many of natures shy creatures, and capturing many of man's deposits. Even those of the Merchant Service will likely pay homage to your services.
Smooth Sailing Captain.