Monday, September 1, 2008

Sudbury River - Rt. 62 to Weir Hill & Return

This morning at sunrise, I trash patrolled the Sudbury River to Weir Hill and back. The early morning's cool air temperatures interacting with the water's warm surface created a local fog condition that rose to about 4 feet above the river's surface. The effect as one paddles through it is surreal. Just before the Route 2 bridge, I recovered my first piece of trash, a plastic CVS bag. Past the bridge, I landed briefly at the base of Clamshell Bank to scoop up an empty Budweiser can. Just before Heath's Bridge (Sudbury Rd), a usual hot spot for trash, I landed once again to pick up 16 more pieces of trash, mostly fishing related stuff. After passing under the bridge, my trash count rose to 21 where it remained for most of the trip.
Wildlife seen was fairly typical, Canada geese, great blue herons, a belted kingfisher, and several ducks.
The only other boats I saw were other kayaks, a canoe with two fishermen, and a dinghy equipped with an electric trolling motor that 3 fishermen had beached in Fairhaven Bay. I paddled just a little ways past Weir Hill, then stopped to enjoy the quiet beauty of the early morning before heading downriver.
On my return trip, heading into a fresh breeze out of the north I stopped downstream of Martha's Point to watch an osprey passing high overhead. Then, about halfway between Heath's Bridge and Clamshell Bank, I came upon a doe and her fawn standing in the sunlight at the water's edge. This fawn did not have the white spots but was still fairly small in size. They were both curious as I approached but soon they decided to fade away into the brown topped grasses.
At my takeout location, my trash count for the day was 24, bringing my YTD total to 1719.

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