Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Assabet River - Egg Rock to Concord Jct. & Back

Last week, I paddled the lower section of the Assabet River and encountered old bottles on sandbars. The river was almost too low to paddle. That was before tropical storm Hannah passed through the area last Saturday night. This afternoon, I paddled the same stretch and found the river's water level had risen about 2 feet. Not only was the level up but the current was really chugging along. Dodge Rock was completely submerged and Willow Island was awash. It was like April again!
Came across a mostly submerged canoe that must have gone adrift following the storm.
Most of the trash recovered today was within site of Egg Rock. Beer cans and plastic bottles, that floated up from the bushes along the shore, were the most numerous.
The only wildlife noticed was a belted kingfisher, two blue herons in the same dead tree, and a few ducks.
I turned around at the commuter rail bridge in West Concord and caught a nice ride downriver.
My trash count for the day was 34 empty containers bringing YTD total to 1817.

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