Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sudbury River - Rt. 62 to Farrar Pond Outlet & Back

Early this morning, in a warm and gentle rain, I trash patrolled the Sudbury River up to the Farrar Pond outlet and back. The river is usually quiet at this time on a Sunday morning and the rain just made it even more so. I did not see another boat until my return trip.
As usual, the most trash recovered was in the area of Heath's Bridge (Sudbury Road). Heading upstream from the bridge, I had 32 empty containers. Lots of bait tubs with covers, plastic bags, beer, soda, and water bottles/cans. Also several wads of fishing line. This spot is the place that just keeps on giving trash week after week. By the way, the sandblasting/painting of the bridge has been completed and Concord has lost its only covered (or perhaps I should say shrouded) bridge.
Arriving at Fairhaven Bay, I noted mist rising from the pine trees on the hillsides. As I entered the bay from the north, I saw what appears to be a closed-circuit camera monitoring the dock/walkway below 'Fort Fairhaven'. This will prevent any onslaughts from the river. War Parties take note.
Passing Lee's Bridge I saw that the final landscaping continues and it is really looking nice.
After Lee's Bridge, I approached the outlet from Farrar Pond. I could hear but not see the outlet. It would take quite a floodstage level to actually paddle into the pond.
On the return trip, I encountered a fellow paddler who was paddling an exotic kevlar kayak made in the Czech Republic. It weighed only 25 lbs or so.
Downstream of Heath's Bridge, I saw the only gas powered boat of the day. A bass boat that was making pretty good speed heading upriver.
At my takeout location I encountered a fellow in a canoe with a trolling motor who was also heading upriver, perhaps for some fishing.
Wildlife observed was mostly the blue herons serving as mile markers, some ducks and an osprey at the north end of Fairhaven Bay.
My trash count for the day was 38 empties bringing my YTD total to 1855.


Cheeken said...

Nice summary of a trip up the Sudbury River. Almost makes me want to go out on a Sunday morning, but I'd never be able to get up early enough, and my wife wouldn't let me go out in the rain...

Al said...

Cheeken, Glad you enjoyed the account. In a gentle rain the river can be beautiful. In a downpour, not so much.