Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A True SUASCO Patrol, a Taste of All Three Rivers

This afternoon, I had the priviledge of paddling into a painting. Once I entered into the idyllic scene, the river 's beauty just kept unfolding in front of me. So many shades of green against the blue and white colored sky. There were still some red Cardinal flowers in the shady spots and some of the deciduous trees are beginning to show some color change. The air temperature was perfect with just the hint of a breeze. The river's surface was a smooth glass mirror to the sky and trees. It was really that special out on the SUASCO waters this afternoon! The only surprise was that there were so few other folks out on the water. I encountered only about a half dozen other boats.
The North Bridge area was fairly busy and the Minuteman Statue, surrounded by scaffold, was receiving some maintenance attention. Downstream of Flint's Bridge I saw a cormorant and a little past Great Meadows Landing, I encountered one of those small herons, which I believe is a green heron. Oddly enough, I did not see any blue herons today. Perhaps they were attending a meeting concerning the financial crisis and its possible impact on their nest eggs.
I trash patrolled the bottom mile of the Sudbury River, the Concord River from Egg Rock to a point downstream of Ball's Hill and then the lower Assabet River to a little upstream of Willow Island. Dodge Rock showing about a foot above water's surface.
Most of today's trash was recovered from the Concord at the bend in the river downstream of Saw Mill Brook. The Assabet provided a half dozen pieces and the Sudbury kicked in about four. My total for the day was 27 empty containers (24 recyclable) bringing my YTD total to 1882

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