Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Upper Concord River - Egg Rock to Ball's Hill

This afternoon, I trash patrolled the Concord River from Egg Rock to Ball's Hill and back. Conditions were ideal. Trash was sparse until I reached the snag below Saw Mill Brook where the river makes a 90 degree turn to the right. There I was able to recover 15 empty containers in short order. Empty pint bottle of Jack Daniels, several 'nip' bottles, beer cans and bottles, and a "Monster" energy drink container. My deck was now looking fairly colorful for the trip back upriver. BTW, there is a tire just downstream of this bend. It's too big for my craft to safely hold, but someone with an open boat could handle it.
The stretch of river between Great Meadows Landing and Ball's Hill is probably the best for seeing Cardinal flowers. This must have been a banner year for them.
My turn-around spot was the very large beaver lodge at the downstream end of Ball's Hill
A fair amount of traffic on the river today. Everything from pontoon boats to a motorized canoe/kayak combo.
Work on Flint's Bridge continues, though no major changes seen yet.
At my takeout location, I counted 22 empty containers bringing my YTD total to 1695

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