Friday, August 22, 2008

Sudbury River - Rt. 27 to Pantry Brook & Return

This past Wednesday afternoon, I launched my boat at the Rt. 27/River Road access and paddled north into a fresh northwest breeze. This refreshing breeze has been a stranger around these parts for a couple of months now and I, for one, have missed it.
Shortly after passing under Rt. 27, I found myself following the ribbon-like channel as it winds through a large marsh area. The Native Americans called the river "Musketaquid" and it was believed to have meant "grass grown river". This section of river certainly fits the name more than most other sections I've seen. There is no discernible riverbank or anything close to solid ground. Open water gives way to acres of buttonbush, purple loosestrife, and grasses of numerous types. It stays this way for about 2 miles, where just above Sherman's Bridge Rd. the marsh area narrows and there is a riverbank again.
Trash in this section was very sparse. In fact, paddling to the mouth of Pantry Brook and back yielded only 6 empty containers.
I encountered 3 canoes and 1 kayak. Two of the canoes were using electric trolling motors and the couples in each canoe looked to be enjoying a relaxing afternoon on the river.
Returning back to my launch site, I was able to round-up 10 empty containers from the bushes around the boat ramp bringing my total for the day to 16 and YTD total to 1645.

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