Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Sleeping Ipswich River

Having snowshoes in my car's trunk (for work purposes) was all the impetus I needed to visit the Ipswich River in the Willow Dale Hill section of Bradley Palmer State Park this morning.  The view above is looking upstream from the wooden footbridge which allows passage over the river from Ipswich into Hamilton.  Once across the bridge there is quite a network of trails that can be hiked.  I chose one that followed the course of the river upstream into Topsfield.

Compare the above picture with this view of a fairly wide-open Assabet River near my home...
Both photos were taken today.

Meanwhile, the Ipswich lies fast asleep under a thick blanket of ice and snow.   It leaves me to wonder just how long this nap will last and what might be going on under there...

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BERNIE said...

Snowshoeing is a grand way to partake in tbe beauty, serenity, and wonder of nature.

I posted a few photos of my latest snowshoe venture.

Heres a toast to our winter-wonderland.