Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trashpedalling on the Nashua River Rail Trail

This afternoon's weather had a fall-like feel and was perfect for getting in a bike ride on the Nashua River Rail Trail.  Mrs. Trashpaddler and I pedalled the 4 mile stretch between Ayer and Groton.  In regards to trash encounters, it was 'like shooting fish in a barrel'.  The usual parade of plastic litter was found laying alongside the trail and tucked under benches.  When spilled out at the end, the day's haul of 24 pieces made for an unattractive site...

There were 21 recyclable containers (3 redeemable) and 3 pieces of miscellaneous rubbish.  YTD total stands at 4387.

Rather than having trash be the last image of the day, we drove along Prospect Hill Road on the way home and drank in this view of the Nashua River valley and the looming Mt. Wachusett...

One benefit of taking the long way home!

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