Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sudbury River - River Rd. to Power Lines

After several rainy days, I felt truly lucky to be able to get out on the river this beautiful morning.  Recent rain events have replenished the river and then some.  After launching at River Road in Wayland, I headed upriver against a steady current. 
A new crop of trash had been re-floated by rising waters.  There were some old bottles that looked like they'd been in the river for many years.  One was an empty Milshire Gin bottle with an embossed image of a still.
When I reached Indian Point, it looked like there was enough water to enter Heard Pond but upon trying, I found a machete would be needed to cut back the encroaching high grass etc.
A lttle ways past Heard Pond were these Cardinal flowers that seem to be at their peak color...

After passing through the Allen H. Morgan Avian Study area, I reached the power lines and noticed what I believe to be an osprey nest on top of the high tension tower...

Must be quite a view from up there!

After turning around I rode the nice current back to River Road where my day's catch posed hullside...

Total pieces were 108 and the breakdown is as follows: 70 recyclable containers (13 redeemable) and 38 pieces of miscellaneous rubbish such as styrofoam, plastic bags, nip bottles, an old paint can, and a pink bowling pin.  My YTD total stands at 4272.

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