Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Misery Island Detour

After working another graveyard shift, I found myself getting out of work, this morning, just when everyone else was going to work.  A clogged Route 128 usually stands between work and home.  This left me with the following choices: jump onto Rt. 128 and endure the misery or drive in the opposite direction and get in a saltwater paddle.
So, I drove to my new favorite saltwater launch site at Winter Island Park in Salem, transitioned from car to boat and paddled out to Misery Island where there was no misery to be found..
Leaving Misery Island and heading back to Winter Island, I had clear sailing all the way...

By the time I got back to my car, the mornings traffic problems had been resolved and my drive home was most mellow.

Today's trash haul was very modest with most of the 11 pieces recovered on the beach at Misery Island...

There were 5 recyclable containers (0) redeemable and 6 pieces of rubbish such as plastic bags etc.
YTD total stands at 4105.

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Erik Eckilson said...

Nice way to avoid the traffic - I like your thinking