Saturday, April 23, 2011

Assabet Shore Patrol near Powder Mill Dam

Yesterday, Earth Day, I was out of town during all of the daylight hours.  Today, however, while driving past the Assabet River in Acton, the trashy site pictured at left caught my eye.  Since I had all the fixins for a trash patrol in my car's trunk and the still denuded brambles allowed access, I decided to conduct an impromptu shore patrol. 
Emerging from the brambles I saw that the amount of trash was more than I could handle with one patrol.  Therefore, I decided to work on gathering up what was within 30 feet of the river's edge.  In short order, I'd filled 2 large contractor's bags, and my 2 dry bags with 340 pieces of flotsam that were laying in wait for a chance to go float-about...
Once finished, I got the satisfaction of seeing this improved view of the same area...
Rather than do a breakdown of this muddy mess, I'll let this photo serve as representative...

My YTD total stands at 2,100.


Ellen said...

Hi Al,

I've been enjoying your blog and I so admire your commitment. Thanks so much for all you do. This before and after is dramatically different and better.


Gnome said...

Fantastic work, Al.

Keep it up.