Sunday, April 24, 2011

A New Trash Paddler on the Mystic River

A few weeks back I received an email from a young man living near the Mystic River.  He was concerned with the trash he was seeing in the river and was contemplating taking action.  Today I received this update:


My friends and I went on the Mystic River today and I collected some trash in and around the surface of the river that I posted a picture of below. Among the animals we saw were night herons, a red-tail hawk, mallards, a muskrat, and a turkey vulture flying overhead. We are looking forward to maybe helping you if you come to the Mystic when you can. Sincerely, Will
Nice job Will.  The Mystic River looks better tonight thanks to your efforts.  Safe paddling,  Al


Anonymous said...

There is another cleaner-upper on the mystic river. My kids got me a kayak for mother's day for the sole purpose of helping to clean up the river. All I need now is an inner tube to drag the garbage around behind me instead of in a bag on my lap which didn't work very well. See you on the river. Faith

Al said...

Faith, Glad to hear of another cleaner-upper! Your inner tube idea sounds like a good one. Maybe a small round laundry basket secured to the tube? I hope to paddle "into the Mystic" very soon. Best of luck with your new boat!