Thursday, August 6, 2009

Assabet River - Egg Rock to Damondale & Return

Today the Assabet River was trash patrolled between Egg Rock and Damondale. Water levels have dropped nearly a foot in the past week or so. Dodge Rock has re-emerged and Willow Island once again has solid ground. Skies were variable and occasionally the clouds began to darken. However no rumbles of thunder were heard and no rain ever materialized.
By the time I reached Concord Junction there were 8 pieces of trash on deck, and given the ideal water levels, I decided to see just how close to Damondale I could make it. The Pine Street bridge project appears to be at a standstill while awaiting safety railings to complete the job...

Once past Pine Street there are obstacles in the river that require a paddler to either pass over, under, or around and today's water level was just right for all three situations. This was one of the low headroom passages...

The last half mile to Damondale tripled my trash haul to 24 pieces. I pulled out of the river's strong current into the old spillway from the mill to take a little break (and opening photo) before trying to paddle closer to the partially breached dam. Returning to the current, I was able to reach the Route 62 bridge where the strengthening current began to win the battle and I let it turn my boat quickly to the opposite direction for an easy ride back to Egg Rock.
Wildlife today was Canada geese, a red-tailed hawk, a woodchuck, and the usual gang of Moscovy Ducks.
I arrived at my takeout location with 31 pieces of trash...

Of these 16 were recyclable (6 redeemable), and 15 were misc. rubbish such as styrofoam, plastic, etc. My YTD total stands at 3209.

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