Monday, June 9, 2008

Patrol of Lower Assabet River, Egg Rock to Rt. 2

Last Friday afternoon, the last day with cool temperatures and cloudy skies, I trash patrolled the lower Assabet River. The rains earlier in the week had provided some additional water, but the river's level is still pretty low. A good 2 to 3 feet of Dodge Rock was out of the water. Also the area just upstream of Spencer Brook, where the Reformatory Branch Railroad used to cross over the river is getting very shallow. With the water level this low, I find myself paddling slowly and more deliberately, while studying the bottom, near shore, for the elusive arrowhead.

Trash was plentiful. Near the Leaning Hemlocks, I found a mostly submerged plastic bag with 3 empty bottles of Rolling Rock, 1 can of Chinese beer and 17 nested plastic cups. Kind of a weird collection. Further along, it was the usual Bud and Millers cans with the occasional Mountain Dew or Gatorade.

I expected to see more wildlife than I did, considering the cloudy and cool conditions, but things were fairly quiet in that regard.

Returned to Egg Rock with 49 empty containers, 44 of which were recycleable. YTD = 1174

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