Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back on SUASCO Waters

This past Sunday morning, under a fast rising sun, I was back on the Sudbury River and heading upstream. This was my first paddle since returning from the Allagash Waterway last week and I couldn't help comparing the two waterways. The Sudbury River certainly doesn't have the sense of remoteness, and a moose sighting would not be expected. However, on this glorious first day of June, the Sudbury River doesn't have anything to be ashamed of. With hardly any wind, the water's glassy surface reflected the green color of the trees along its banks.

On the way to Fairhaven Bay, I collected a dozen empty containers, 11 of which were beer cans. Most were on river right, just downstream of the Sudbury Road Bridge.

Reaching Fairhaven Bay, I paused for a floating breakfast and then paddled up to Lee's Bridge before turning back downstream. Saw an osprey near Martha's Point. Arriving back at Rt.62, I heard a lot of shouting and came upon the relay exchange point of a race. Runners were arriving at the South Bridge Boathouse and team members were then jumping into canoes for what the next leg to the Old North Bridge. They sure had a perfect morning for such an event.

Trash count for day 12, YTD = 1136

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