Sunday, June 29, 2008

Assabet River - Egg Rock to Concord Jct. & Back

This morning I was on the water @5:30 am ready to enjoy the sunrise. However, the sun decided to sleep-in and I was left with a hanging mist to paddle through. The air was warm and there was no wind to speak off, so the river's surface was like glass.
Arriving at Egg Rock, I aimed my bow to the left and entered the Assabet waters. No sooner had I done this than I espied a large amount of trash on the right or north bank immediately opposite Egg Rock. I landed my boat and began filling its hold with what turned into 68 empty containers. Beer cans, beer bottles, plastic bags, bait tubs, fishing gear packaging, cigarette packages. Basically, everything that this group of fishermen had brought into the woods, had been left at their feet. It leaves me baffled as to why someone would want to stand in their own trash and then leave it for others.
Re-launched my boat and headed upriver and 'into the mystical fog'. Came upon a few herons, some blue-winged teals, Canada geese, one large hawk, one muskquash, some swallows, and one belted kingfisher. Also saw the usual gang of muscovite ducks near Spencer Brook.
Approaching, the spot where Nashoba Brook enters the river, I noticed quite a bit of sudsy foam floating on the surface. Most of it was coming from the brook. It looked like wash day.
Stopped to re-fuel just downstream of the Fitchburg Railroad bridge, then with a full tank, paddled through the small riffle under the bridge. I turned around before reaching the Rt. 62 bridge and headed back downriver. The recent day's thundershowers had the river flowing at a pretty good clip.
At my take-out location, I removed 86 empty containers from my craft. About 65 were recycleable. YTD = 1383

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