Sunday, September 18, 2016

Making the Cut

One objective on this last Sunday of summer was to hopefully complete a job someone else had started.  About 2 miles above Magazu's Landing on the Assabet River in Stow a tree laid across the river that of late has required an "up and over" by this boater.

Recently, I saw (above photo) that someone had taken either an axe or hatchet to the tree, at just the right spot, in hopes of severing the obstacle.

So at sunrise I headed upriver with my handsaw...and, working from my boat's cockpit, cut through enough of the tree for it to sink down below the surface...
   ...allowing me the simple satisfaction of passing through without  having to perform the "up and over" maneuver.

This showy hibiscus facing south into the morning's summery breeze was my reward...

On the way back I encountered what I believe to be a very shy immature night heron...
No trash seen today!

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