Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Concord River Respite

Getting out on the Concord River late this morning allowed for a short paddle downstream from Rt. 225 to Two Brothers Rocks in Bedford for the taking of my lunch. It proved a great spot for dining with a fine view back upriver (photo at left).

Then I continued downriver, into the still busy wind, to where the old Middlesex Turnpike once crossed the river.

On the return trip upriver the wind provided a welcome assist as I sailed towards Rt. 3...
Being a weekday the river was fairly quiet with maybe a half dozen kayaks, one canoe, and 4 powerboats seen along the way.

A fellow kayaker asked if my boat was a Necky and I answered "yes" even though my boat is a Current Designs.  I can only attribute this mental lapse to my allergy meds (I sure hope that's the reason).

Trash encountered was mostly in the form of plastic bags, and several pieces of old silt-fence...


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