Thursday, April 14, 2016

Around the Loop

Yesterday was a perfect one for paddling the Dedham Water Trail (aka Charles River Loop).  Not a cloud in the sky and the river gauge in Dover showed nearly 3 feet of water...which is more than enough for paddling through the Long Ditch.  

My friend Capt. Dangerous was in the area and expressed interest in experiencing the Loop.  We launched from the Dolan Community Center in Dedham and began a clockwise rotation of the Dedham Water Trail.
Paddled against the current up to Needham Street where we dropped down into the ditch, riding its current into Cow Island Pond...arriving as a commuter train crossed the Charles to the north...

At Riverdale we approached the Bridge Street bridge (opening photo) with the Olde Irish Alehouse behind it.  The building is now known as Waterford's Restaurant and Pub.  Back in the day (early 1900s) this river was alive with folks recreating in a non-motorized fashion.  This photo of the same bridge (on the kiosk at Dolan Center Launch) shows numerous canoes both in the water and at the ready... well as a carousel that once operated in present-day Marie Louise Kehoe Park in Riverdale.

At Mother Brook...
...the Charles was being very generous in contributing a good chunk of its flow to the Neponset.

Not long after crossing Motley Pond we and a motley crew of refuse trash exited the river...
...right back where we started from (well not the trash). 

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