Monday, October 6, 2014

Nashua River Trash Patrol by NHAMCP

This past Saturday the New Hampshire Appalachian Mtn. Club Paddlers conducted the final trash patrol of their 2014 series.  Patrols were held on the first Saturday of each month starting in May and going through October.

Club member Denise Hurt organized and led the series.  Saturday's patrol started at the Pepperell Conservation Area and 10 paddlers worked their way downriver towards the dam in East Pepperell.
Conditions were cloudy with occasional mist.  A low-lying area of shore on the river's east side provided a good bit of floatable containers.  Others found similar pockets of trash on the river's west side.  All in all we collected 361 recyclable containers (transparent bags in photo) and 200 pieces of miscellaneous rubbish (black bag in photo).

Just before we got underway we were reminded of the change in seasons by several gunshots in the nearby area.  Shortly, a camouflaged boat came ashore with 2 adults assisting a young hunter on the first Youth Waterfowl Hunt of the season.  The young hunter had bagged 3 mallards.  There will be another Youth Waterfowl Hunt next Saturday (10/11).  The regular duck hunting season will open on October 14 and run through November 29.  A second season will run December 20 to January 10.  Time to start wearing some blaze orange when on the water.

Back on the river, this mute swan was cleared for landing...

Despite the cloudy skies some fall foliage was on display...

Post patrol, participants enjoyed lunch provided by D'Angelos.

Like other participants, Mrs. Trashpaddler felt a sense of satisfaction...

Congrats to Denise on a successful second season!

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