Monday, May 19, 2014

Charles Near the Stop

This afternoon I tied up some loose ends on the Charles River in Millis and Medfield by paddling the stretch of river between the Shattuck Reservation/Noon Hill and the confluence of the Charles and Stop Rivers.  Now I've paddled the river from Baltimore Street in Millis down to the Cochrane Dam at Charles River Village and then from Chestnut Street in Needham down to Herter Park in Allston.

The photo at left shows the small bridge carrying Causeway Street over the Stop River.  This bridge, appropriately, became my stop/turnaround point today.

I launched where the colonial era Dwight's Bridge once spanned the Charles River in Millis...

 A little further upriver this beercan bush was in full bloom...
The bud blossoms were picked for a trash bouquet.

My journey continued up this winding section of river past the Shattuck Reservation... far as Forest Road where some cargo rearranging was done.

The day was a fickle one...sunny, then dark clouds with a cool northeast wind, a light sprinkle of rain, then sunny again to restart the cycle.
Nonetheless, it was a nice stretch of river to paddle and water levels were ideal.

The confluence, Stop River to the left and Charles to the right (both looking upstream)...

Trash recovered...
There were 42 recyclable containers (11 redeemable) and 50 pieces of miscellaneous rubbish including nip bottles, fishing gear (hooks, line, and bobbers), some footwear, and a Styrofoam huggie for someone's iced coffee.
The haul yielded one keeper...
...a one pint whiskey bottle with an embossed ship's wheel and rope trimming.
YTD = 2357

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