Sunday, September 22, 2013

Visit Your Local River Day

Yesterday many volunteers in the SuAsCo watershed descended upon their local rivers to spruce things up a bit.  The event was the 27th Annual River Cleanup held by the group OARS (Organization for the Assabet, Sudbury, and Concord Rivers).
I joined with these other Acton residents (photo at left) in combing the section of the Assabet River flowing through our town for stuff that doesn't belong in a waterway.  We covered areas upstream and downstream of the dam at Powder Mill.  My thanks to Leo of Last National Wine Co. for allowing access to the impoundment upstream of the dam.
Some of the regulars observed our activities...

This was the litter collected upstream of the dam...

Most was found near the base of the riprap embankment that runs alongside Rt. 62.

Similar litter and larger items were found by the group working below the dam.

Post cleanup, our group journeyed down to Damonmill where pizza was enjoyed with the West Concord contingent.  They also had a good looking trash pile.

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