Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sudbury River Above Sherman's Bridge

There was a calmness about yesterday afternoon that made being out on the river even more relaxing than usual.  Both the clouds and what little there was in the way of a breeze were welcome.  Water levels continue to drop thus shrinking the river's main channel and creating more extensive mud flats.  I had launched at Sherman's Bridge Road and was heading upriver to Rt. 27.  This section of the Sudbury River has no real riverbank as such, but rather slowly winds its way through the middle of a large marsh.  Only one other paddler was encountered on the trip upriver and that was Lesley...
 ...paddling a kayak weighing only 20 lbs. 

Further upriver an adult killdeer was encountered...
...who seemed intent on watching over these little killdeer?...
With all the exposed mud flats killdeers and sandpipers were enjoying the bounty.
A pair of American woodcocks were seen but not in time to get a photo.
Blue herons were also enjoying a bounty as fish had fewer places to hide from them.

As I returned downriver several boats of fishermen were heading up for the late day action.

At the end of the old causeway my trash haul leapt from my boat and became a flash mob...
There were 17 recyclable containers (8 redeemable) and 13 pieces of miscellaneous rubbish such as a folding chair, 5-gallon plastic bucket, plastic bags including one which previously held "GRUBEX".
YTD = 3926

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