Friday, August 16, 2013

Assabet Shallow and Clear

Spent a few hours on the Assabet River this afternoon and by the time I returned downriver to the Leaning Hemlocks (photo at left) my work week concerns had mostly evaporated.  While the river's water level has dropped quite a bit, the clarity of the water was impressive allowing objects on the bottom to be readily seen.
This resulted in a fair number of bottles and beer cans being recovered from the (un)deep.

The trip upriver was a pleasant one with numerous blowdowns offering boaters simple satisfaction in finding a way through or around.

Passing by one rather nice riverside home, these recently erected tents caught my eye...
Looked like I arrived at the soiree on the early side.  I frantically looked through my stuff in hopes of finding my invitation... invitation but there were 32 recyclable containers (6 redeemable) and 41 pieces of miscellaneous rubbish such as an empty bag of "ice a way", plastic bags, bait tubs, and another plastic milk crate.  The milk crate bore the name of Guida's Dairy in New Britain, CT.  YTD = 3896 

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