Sunday, January 6, 2013

Condiments Anyone?

Today's more moderate temperatures allowed for the year's first terrestrial trash patrol.  Mrs. Trashpaddler and I didn't expect to find much trash due to the snow cover.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case and trash was found atop the snow.  Our trek took us along a plowed sidewalk for about a mile and a half to the Assabet River near Knox Trail.  At the edge of the road and next to the river was a nicely tied plastic bag filled with all kinds of condiments.  Actually there were 53 individual packets of ketchup, mayonnaise, soy sauce. cocktail sauce, etc.  Kinda weird.  By that I mean, I've been known to carry an extra packet of salt or sugar inside my vehicle; but not a whole restaurant booth's worth.  Perhaps it was someone who'd stowed away a few extra in case the Mayan  cataclysm materialized....
...and what better way to go out than with a box of Mike & Ike's! 
There were 16 recyclable containers (5 redeemable) and 74 pieces of miscellaneous rubbish including the aforementioned condiments.  YTD = 91

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BERNIE said...

Frozen entrees anyone?

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