Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Heart-Cooling Sight

Yesterday, while driving from one Cape Ann worksite to another, this view of a frozen-over Essex River presented my dismay.  Considering that this is a tidal river, and more than a little salty, it serves as testament to just how cold it has been 'round here of late.

Since I'd left the warm confines of my trashmobile with fingers still functioning, I snapped a photo of the nearby H. A. Burnham shipbuilding facility and a frozen-in Ardelle, the two-masted schooner returned to its birthplace...
Check out this view (from the Ardelle's website) of the same area on a more hospitable day.

Looks like a weekend where staying close to a warm stove will be the best bet.


Erik Eckilson said...

Kind of depressing isn't it :-(

suep said...

my goodness, what happens when the tide comes and goes? does the ice move up and down?
Lake George froze last night (at least, at the southern end) but then, it is relatively still water. But a thaw is coming, just in time for their "Winter Carnival."

Al said...

Erik, Yes, it is! Guess it confirms just how much last winter spoiled me.

Al said...

Sue, I'll get another look at this location in a few days and see what effect the tide changes have on the ice.
Then again, perhaps it's all just a bad dream.