Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From "Trash Paddler Too (for a day)"

Yesterday I received this message (with the above photo) with subject line "Trash Paddler Too (for a day)" from fellow SuAsCo paddler Lisa H.   She was paddling her QCC 600X on the Concord and Sudbury Rivers on Monday when she encountered and handled an egregious amount of litter created by a clueless individual:

Hi, Al,

Looks like some little genius neatly tied the remains of his Super Bowl party up in 3 or 4 plastic bags and threw them, one at a time, off of Flint's Bridge.  Today on the way back from the South Bridge I picked them up in 3 different places, netting myself, besides many many beer cans, half a soggy pizza and a partial bag of Tostitos (dry and fresh).  Picture is enclosed for your entertainment(!)
Now I just need advice for getting the stale beer smell out of my back hatch!

Hope to see you soon on the river,



Lisa said...

Total of 62 aluminum cans, one recyclable glass jar, 3 recyclable cardboard things, and just a little other trash. I composted the food.

Al said...

Lisa, That's a pretty good haul! I wonder how many or how few paddlers, confronted with the same situation, would have taken the actions you did to resolve the problem.