Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wannalancet's Final Resting Place

Yesterday's paddle around Wickasauke Island in the Merrimack River left me wondering about what became of the last Pennacook sachem, Wannalancet.  Upon returning home I dug out my copy of The Bend in the River by John Pendergast and was guided by it to the location pictured at left.  The marker was missing at the time Pendergast described the location back in the early 1990's.  Fortunately for me, the site was restored this past spring and today, in addition to the plaque, there is a kiosk providing more information about both Wannalancet and his attachment to Wickasauke Island.  The side of the boulder bearing the plaque faces the island and, according to Pendergast, Wannalancet's body was buried in front it.
A closer view of the plaque... 

The site is located in Tyngsborough near the corner of Middlesex Road and Tyng Road and is just a short walk from this historic marker... 

Wannalancet is believed to have been born around 1618 the third eldest son of the great sachem Passaconaway.  In his lifetime, despite his best efforts to assimilate, he and his people lost everything they had, including his beloved island in the Merrimack River.

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