Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Trashpaddling Acquaintances

Sitting by my hot stove, this cold morning, and recalling all of the different creatures I've been priviledged to encounter while trashpaddling, I decided to compile a slideshow of my photographs.  A little music would be a nice addition but until I figure out how to do that, may I suggest "Rockport Sunday" as performed by Tom Rush. 
The gang can be viewed at this link.


PenobscotPaddles said...

It's amazing that you not only see these animals but you also get pictures of them. Good job!

Erik Eckilson said...

A moose on the Dead River is no surprise, but on the Assabet River - that's amazing. The river otter is still my favorite. You got some great pictures.

Al said...

PenobscotPaddles, Thanks, I feel fortunate to have such encounters with wildlife and believe it is because, for the most part, I paddle solo and spend considerable time along the shoreline.

Erik, I will never forget that Sunday morning paddle in October of 2009 when I found myself looking at a young moose in West Concord, MA.
So many thoughts were going through my mind, such as: this can't be real!, where did it come from!, who would ever believe this? Is this all a dream?
Then I remembered my camera and it's a miracle the batteries were OK and I didn't drop it into the river!
The otters, seen in Stow, MA, generated nearly the same excitement! Not because they were there, but because they actually approached to check me out!