Friday, November 26, 2010

Concord River - Egg Rock to Buttricks Hill & Back

This morning's rain and cold temperatures gave way to some improvement just in time to allow this year's F.A.T. (Friday after Thanksgiving) Paddle to proceed.  I launched into the lower Sudbury River and paddled down to Egg Rock where the Sudbury joins with the Assabet to form the Concord River.  The North Bridge area was fairly busy as it seemed everyone was 'out and about' working-off yesterday's feasting.  A bit further downstream, this little mink was also 'out and about'...

Other wildlife seen in addition to the mink were numerous pairs of mallards and several blue herons.
Passing the landing at Great Meadows, I thought back to another F.A.T. Paddle several years ago where, at that very spot, a visiting friend's simple act of pulling a soda can from the river got me started on my trashpaddling adventures.
Near the base of Buttricks Hill I stopped for a 'mug up' of hot cocoa.  While sitting there, I saw that the sun was gaining the upper hand and would soon prove near-blinding during my return trip upriver.
By the time I reached Egg Rock, the sun had dropped behind Nashawtuc Hill...
At my takeout location, the day's catch posed in the last bit of daylight...
The total was 38 pieces of trash.  Of these 20 were recyclable containers (13 redeemable) and 18 were miscellaneous rubbish such as styrofoam cups, bait tubs, plastic bags, etc.  YTD total stands at 6162.

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