Sunday, May 23, 2010

Assabet River - Egg Rock to Nashoba Brook & Back

Decided to trash patrol the lower Assabet River from Egg Rock to Nashoba Brook and take a look at the submerged dumpster found last week by the Karrs.  The opening photo shows the visible part of the dumpster as approached heading downstream.  It is located about 100 yards upstream from the Reformatory's treated wastewater outfall and is closer to the east bank than the west.  It is difficult to imagine how it came be in its present location.  Decals on the dumpster indicate it served a catering business located on Beharrell Street near Nashoba Brook.  My guess is that it was 'helped' into the flood-swollen brook back in March and was just buoyant enough to travel about 150 yards downstream.  Buoyancy may have been provided by the plastic bags of trash it still contains.  I would also guess it's size to be 1 or 2 cubic yards
On my way back to Egg Rock, I came upon this red-tailed hawk...
 I asked him to turn around and show his tail to the camera and he obliged...
Other wildlife seen today were blue herons, Canada geese, baby ducks, turtles, and Muscovite ducks.

Trash was plentiful today and included two automobile tires mounted on wheels.  Because they were still inflated it was possible to tow them back to my takeout location where they were left in the Concord DPW yard.   It is my hope that the DPW will be able to dispose of them.
The trash count for the day was 134 pieces and it brokedown as follows: 72 recyclable containers (14 redeemable), 62 pieces of miscellaneous rubbish consisting of a large block of styrofoam flotation, plastic bags, a dozen nip bottles, a frisbee, a plastic pail, styrofoam cups, etc.  YTD total stands at 2520.

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Lis said...

I had no idea hawks were so compliant. You must be the commander of all you see out there :)