Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Preparing to Close the Saxonville Floodgates

Driving across the Sudbury River on Concord Street in Saxonville today I noticed unusual activity on the north side of the William R. Dickson Bridge.
Framingham DPW personnel were preparing the huge floodgates for possible closing. I drive by these gates nearly every day and have oftened wondered if they were still operable. When closed, the gates fill the only gap in the levee built to protect the area once known as Otter Neck from being inundated during a 100-year storm event.
On the internet I found a link to an article written by Dan McDonald that appeared in the Metrowest Daily News back in September 2008. Within the article there is a  link to a YouTube video showing the last time the gates were tested.  Click here to see the article and video.

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