Friday, March 27, 2009

Impromptu Terrestrial Patrol with U.S. Gov. Support

As I return from work each day I turn off of Route 27 after crossing the Sudbury River and head up Water Row past the Haynes Garrison House in Sudbury. Lately, I've been noting the amount of roadside litter becoming more and more evident as the early March flood waters recede back from the road's edge. Well today, for no apparent reason, the words of boxer Roberto Duran sprang forth..."No Mas!".
Knowing full well that in my car's trunk I had all the fixins for a trash patrol, I parked by the garrison house and walked back towards Route 27 on the river side of the road. It was easy pickens and by the time I had walked about 100 yards to where the wooden guardrails are, my 30-gallon trash bag was full of beer cans, beer bottles, miscellaneous trash and some poor car's missing wheelcover. I had just turned around and begun heading back towards my car when a U.S. Fish and Wildlife pick-up truck pulled along side and the driver said "I'm taking a load of trash to our dumpster. If you'd like, throw yours in the back and I'll get rid of it for you." I thanked him and placed my haul into the bed of his truck along with his trash haul which included a deceased goose.
I hereby take back any negative things I may have said about our federal government or its employees!
So, at any rate, there I was empty handed with no trash to count and no trash to photograph. Only the knowledge that in a few short minutes this little section of roadside looked a little bit better than it did before my "No Mas!" patrol.
Regarding my trash count for this patrol, I will give myself a mulligan and call it 50 pieces of trash bringing my YTD total to 546.
BTW, this haul was quite rich in regards to redeemable containers. It easily would have scored two 'Happy Meals'!

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