Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hope for an Updated Bottle Bill in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick is recommending changes to the state's Bottle Bill for the first time since it took effect back in January 1983. To see proposed changes click here
This change is long overdue and will finally give a monetary value to a large percentage of the single-use beverage containers that are purchased in Massachusetts and too often end up as worthless litter.
Opponents are calling it a tax but it really isn't. While it is true that folks will be required to pay an additional nickel, they will have three choices when the container is empty: Return it to the store and redeem the nickel; Place the container in their trash/recycle container and let the state have the nickel; carelessly discard the container into the environment and hopefully allow someone willing to recover it to get the nickel. Sounds like a win-win situation to me! Only improvement that I would suggest is that the deposit should be a dime to help offset the present-day costs to retailers and recycling facilities.
Before happily ripping the January page from the calender hanging on the wall of my cave, I note that there are only 48 days till the arrival of spring. Might the worst be over?


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When you were close to half your currant age there was a February Storm.02/06--09/1978. The Sweater man was replaced by the King whose veto was overridden to make your voyages interesting. 30th of May is the end of winter to me!

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