Monday, December 15, 2008

Sudbury River - Rt. 62 to Fairhaven Bay & Return

This afternoon's incredibly warm temperatures were all I needed to justify another river expedition. Because of the blustery winds, my plan was to paddle on the more sheltered Assabet River. However, that plan required modification when I reached the first bridge and found I couldn't fit through the archway due to the river's very high water levels.
I quickly turned about and decided to play the hand I'd been dealt which required paddling against the current and into the gusty winds.
The dramatic rise in water level had floated another batch of trash out of the bushes that line the shore. By the time I left the Heath's Bridge area I had 40 pieces of trash. Half were stowed in a dry bag and the rest adorned my deck.
Reaching Fairhaven Bay I saw that Scout Island was truly an island and paddled around it counter-clockwise. This is only possible with very high water levels. When I emerged from the sheltered west side, I found conditions quite lively around the south end where the wind had some fetch to work with. All I had to do was steer as I quickly traveled the length of the island and decided against landing at the small beach due to rough conditions. After swinging around the north end I found a spot on the sheltered west side where I could exit my kayak in shallow water. Secured my painter around a small tree and went about transloading trash from deck to ship's hold. Once this work was complete, I planted my 3-legged stool and enjoyed a snack while drinking in the warm air and great scenery.
After relaunching I began riding the wind and current downstream. Near Martha's Point I encountered two guys in a canoe beating against the wind as they moved upriver. At Heath's Bridge another 7 empty containers were scooped up. This spot is like a trash mine. It just keeps on giving!
Didn't see much wildlife today. Just as this past Friday, there were no ducks and no geese. All I saw was a seagull, a hawk, and a beaver.
Arrived at my takeout location with 47 empty containers (37 were recyclable) bringing my YTD total to 2620.


Anonymous said...

Must be cool to see the beavers. I see evidence of beavers often, but have never seen the beaver himself.

Anonymous said...

I grew up on Clematis Brook which was really Beaver Brook!
AND the Clematis Railroad station was the Beaver Street Crossing. Huh?