Thursday, December 4, 2008

Concord River - Egg Rock to Saw Mill Brook & Back

On Tuesday evening, I heard the TV Weatherman utter my two favorite words, "Bermuda High". The term refers to a summerlike weather pattern where a high pressure system moves off the Atlantic coast and stalls roughly over Bermuda. While stalled, it pumps warm air in the direction of New England and even though it is December, it can provide some nice trash paddling conditions.
Therefore, I was in my boat and heading towards Egg Rock before 1:30 pm on Wednesday afternoon. Water levels are still rising and in the short stint to Egg Rock, I recovered 6 empty containers. Opposite Egg Rock, an onshore raid netted a booty of 45 empty beer bottles/cans from the riverbank where the Assabet becomes the Concord. These were stored below deck and I re-launched into the Concord's springlike flow for a fast and easy ride downstream.
A little ways below Flint's Bridge I encountered three other kayakers enjoying the excellent weather. As on Monday, it was Leon G. again and two fellow paddlers heading back down to Bedford after having ascended the Assabet for a few miles.
After they had moved downriver, I saw a great blue heron at the Great Meadows outlet. I guess he is planning to winter over. Hope he makes it! Also saw a hairy woodpecker and numerous mallards and Canada geese.
Arriving at my favorite cabin, downstream of Saw Mill Brook, with my deck filling up with more empties, I turned around and began the slog upriver against the current. The sun was low in the sky and blinding for most of my trip back to Egg Rock.
Arrived at my takeout location, just as the last bits of daylight faded, with a total of 73 empty containers (62 of which were recyclable) bringing my YTD total to 2534.

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You are doing great work. Thanks for writing your blog, I hope it encourages others.