Friday, December 12, 2008

Sudbury River - Rt. 62 to Fairhaven Bay & Return

This afternoon, in the relatively calm conditions after the storm, I launched my kayak into the rain swollen Sudbury River and headed upstream. The low dark storm clouds were moving to the northeast revealing a deep blue sky with high white clouds racing across the sun. Temperatures were in the low 40s and considering that I am already 1 day into my "100 friggin days till spring" countdown, conditions like these couldn't be passed up.
Recovered several empty plastic bags before passing under the Rt.2 bridge and another batch of beer/soda/water bottles approaching Heath's Bridge.
Just upstream of Martha's Point, the brook on the river's west side was tumbling down through the trees at a pretty good clip. Fairhaven Bay was about as quiet and unoccupied as I've ever seen it. No ducks, no geese, and no ice. Not even an ice cube could be seen. I landed on Scout Island and while sitting in the sunshine, enjoyed some hot cocoa and a power bar. A little after 3pm I relaunched and headed back downriver into a building breeze from the northwest. Saw some ducks in flight near Emerson Hospital and a beaver on his way to work upriver from the commuter rail bridge. Arrived at my takeout location with 20 empty containers (14 recyclable) bringing my YTD total to 2573.
Once home, I saw this article concerning 78 year old Richard Wheeler and his paddling 1000 miles in a fundraising effort for the Wareham Public Library. He'll be finishing tomorrow at the Wareham Narrows. Check him out:

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