Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nine Quarts of Waste Motor Oil Laid to Rest

This afternoon, thanks to the Town of Acton Transfer Station, I was able to properly dispose of the three containers of waste motor oil I had recovered from the Assabet River on three recent trash patrols. The first container was fished out of the lower Assabet on 12/29/07 and contained one quart. The second was fished out of the same section of river on 1/12/08 and contained one gallon of very black waste motor oil. The third was taken from the riverbank (west) about a quarter mile above Spencer Brook and was identical to the second container and also contained one gallon of waste oil.

I can't help but suspect that all three containers came from the same person. Probably someone that changed the oil in a large truck or piece of equipment. I suppose they could have placed the containers on the ground near the river and last Spring's floods carried them away?

Photo shows one of the one gallon containers recovered on 1/12.

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