Sunday, February 3, 2008

1st February Patrol/Sudbury & Assabet

Thanks to Friday night's warm rain, I was able to head south on the Sudbury River for the first time in quite a while. Picked up 35 pieces of trash between Egg Rock and the north end of Fairhaven Bay. Most of the trash was in a usual hotspot, just downstream of Heath's Bridge. Shore fishermen leave large amounts of trash seemingly at their feet here. Upstream of the bridge, across from Martha's Point, I came upon a gull standing on the ice near the remains of a freshly killed fish. Saw a couple of red-tailed hawks and a group of what I believe were mergansers in flight. They had a lot of white visible. My Sudbury River sojourn came to an end not far upstream of Martha's Point, where I encountered a completely iced over Fairhaven Bay.

Returning to Egg Rock, I decided to patrol the Assabet River up to about a half mile upstream of Spencer Brook. On this stretch, I picked up an additional 16 pieces of trash including another one-gallon plastic container of used motor oil. This container was on the riverbank where the Reformatory Branch railway ran closest to the river, just upstream of Spencer Brook. This container was identical to the one I found several weeks ago. Like that one, full of oil with the cap on tight. Now, I have 2 gallons plus in the trunk of my car. Hope to find someone that will accept it and properly dispose of it.

The Assabet was flowing pretty fast today and Dove Rock only had about 6 inches showing above the river's surface. The difference between the two rivers is significant. The Assabet makes you work to overcome the current.

The sunshine felt nice and left little doubt that Winter is beginning to relinquish its grip.
51 empty containers recovered plus the oil and a canoe paddle. YTD = 225

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