Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another Assabet Patrol

I guess Old Man Winter didn't like my comment about an early spring being in the offing. He made me work for a half an hour with a hammer to break a pathway through the near shore ice. Once I broke free I saw the sun was fading and felt a cool breeze building, so elected to ascend the Assabet River, which is always the better choice when there is wind.
Once again, Dove Rock is submerged, Willow Island is submerged and the Assabet is spilling over her banks in places. Picked up the usual dozen or so empty bottles before reaching West Concord. Continued past Pine Street, this time noting the staff gauge reading 5.70 on a gauge that tops out at 6.70.
I had 23 empty containers on reaching my turn-around point at the blowdown near Westvale Meadow. The channel on river left had water again, tempting me to paddle a little further, but with rain imminent, I decided to head back down river after my cocoa break. It was a perfect day to have my ipod shuffle and hear Los Lobos singing "Will the wolf survive?" as well as Jim Pepper's "Withitai-To"
The trip down river was fast and easy and grabbed another 3 empty containers. Saw the same gang of robins I saw last time, so I am still thinking early spring.
One surreal moment occurred today while I was paddling on the lower Sudbury River. Looking off to the side, I saw people ice skating maybe a hundred yards away. An interesting juxtaposition from the seat of my kayak.
The rain started during my drive home. Recovered trash total 25. YTD= 282

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