Sunday, July 19, 2020

Petroglyph Mystery Solved

Back in May while paddling the Connecticut River below the great falls at Peskeompscut, I encountered this petroglyph on a standing stone (previously posted about in May and June)...

In hopes of finding out more about the petroglyph, I googled "petroglyphs in Greenfield area" and stumbled upon a Greenfield Recorder newspaper article entitled "Native Insight: There Must Be Native American Petroglyphs Left to Find in Our Valley"  written by writer/historian Gary Sanderson of Greenfield, MA.   Gary is a 25-year, senior-active member of the outdoor-writers association of America.  I contacted Gary and he did the heavy lifting required in solving the mystery of the strange image looking out from the standing stone.  He recently posted the results of his research on his blog,  Seems it was serendipity that I should've contacted Gary.


Unknown said...

Hate to admit it Al, but ... I have been a member of OWAA and NEOWA for nearly 40 years. I'd say 38 with NEOWA and 37 in OWAA. Getting old, I guess. Thus the recent Senior-
Active status in both.

Al said...

Gary, Thanks for the correction.